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RPS Agency is a Peer Placement Agency (PPA)™ located in Jacksonville, FL. Our mission is to connect peer specialists with benefactors and clients in both the private and public sectors of our community. Benefactors are people in different phases of recovery from mental health, alcohol or substance use disorder (SUD). Clients include corporations big and small, government, military, corrections, fire stations, sheriff's offices, courthouses, hospitals, religious congregations, recovery and treatment centers, colleges, middle and high schools, financial institutions, assisted living homes, domestic violence and homeless shelters, families and loved ones.

Our Certified Recovery Peer Specialists (CRPS) are trained in 500 hours of evidence-based modalities and use this knowledge in conjunction with non-clinical, lived experience to help people with mental health, addiction or substance use or both (1, 2). They are the transition guides between the point of clinical recovery and the assimilation into leading a clean and sober life as a productive citizen of the community.

This decreases benefactor relapse and recidivism rates in all areas within the scope of Health & Human Services. Areas include, but are not limited to, the emergency rooms, courthouses and recovery and treatment centers, but also corrections, domestic violence and homeless shelters, creating more space for benefactors needing critical care provided by clinicians and ancillaries.

If you are a CRPS or CCAR interested in being represented by RPS Agency, click here for more information.



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