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RPS Agency [Recovery Peer Specialists Agency (RPS Agency), LLC], a Peer Placement Agency (PPA)™, is located in Jacksonville, FL. It is the first PPA of its kind in the world, merging mental and behavioral health with substance use disorder (SUD), and major life challenges (abuse, trauma, divorce, transfer, grief, cancer, et al). The utilization of peer specialists decreases beneficiary relapse and recidivism rates in all areas within the scope of Health & Human Social Services.

Recovery is a process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live a directed life, and strive to reach their full potential(1). A peer specialist is one of equal standing with another who is trained to mentor individuals with similar lived experience. A beneficiary will relate more readily with a peer than with a doctor or counselor who does not have similar lived experience.

RPS Agency's mission is to connect our peer specialists with beneficiaries and clients in both the private and public sectors of our community.

Beneficiaries are the recipients of our services. They are people in various phases of treatment or recovery.

Clients are from all sectors of the community, both private and public sectors; government; military; corporations and local businesses big and small, and of course, family, friends and other concerned citizens.



There are three pathways to receiving Peer designation:

1. RPS Agency Ambassadors are volunteers who are Core™ certified.

2. RPS Agency Mentors are Peer Specialists who are Core+™ certified.

3. RPS Agency Certified Recovery Peer Specialists (CRPS) are certified by the Florida Certification Board (FCB) and trained in 500 hours of evidence-based modalities. In addition, they are Core+ certified by Living with Grace Foundation, LLC which distinguishes RPS Agency from other peer agencies. The CRPSs use their training in conjunction with lived experience to help people with mental/behavioral health and substance use disorder (SUD), addiction or substance use or both (2,3). Oftentimes, they are the transition guides between the point of clinical treatment or recovery and the assimilation into everyday life as a productive citizen of the community.

If you are interested in being represented by RPS Agency, click here for more information.





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