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Living with Grace, LLC: Mindfulness for Executives, Organizations & Individuals
You're conscientious of your diet and you work your body hard, but how often do you think about the fitness of your mind, especially at a time when it seems like mental health issues, including stress, anxiety, worry and depression are front, center and on the rise? We can certainly recognize our state of consciousness through our actions and inactions. Thoughts are things. So too are emotions. They color your world and it shows through all that you do and don't do. And when your thoughts and emotions are in alignment with your values, you will find yourself at peace no matter the challenges.

Holistic Wellness Consultant
Advocate for Quality Healthcare, Social Services and Justice -
Freedom of Choice


Health is more than just a lack of disease or illness. Rather, it is a balance of the WHOLE[listic] person's human experience--mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, occupational, financial, social and environmental--that determines one's overall wellness.

Health is the well-being of an organization, a society, a nation, the universe and beyond. It is about how well systems work (systemic wellness or efficacy) and what we can do to simply make things better. As you already know, we have to compare everything with another in order to know good or bad. So in this light, there truly isn't any such thing as good or bad...but simply, better.

From one executive and entrepreneur to another, I can relate to much of your daily stressors at hand. We're all so busy caring for our clients, customers, patients and congregation that it's easy to forget to give ourselves the very care we provide to others. Let me show you how mindfulness can change your life--your health--for the better.

For organizations or groups, this means improving qualitative processes. Some of the benefits may include:

Increased financial returns
Increased conscious communications
Increased overall effectiveness and productivity levels
Increased personal growth
Increased morale
Increased group cohesiveness

If you're like many, you exercise daily and watch what you eat to maintain your physical appearance and health. But what are you doing for your mind and why is this important to your well-being? Think of mindfulness as training for the brain...because your body is nothing without your mind.

Other Services:

Guided Meditation Facilitator
Wellness/Support Group Facilitator
Wellness, Recovery & Mindful Living Coach
Public Speaking Coach (Live | TV | Video | Podcast)
Weddings/Celebrations of Life Officiant
Relationship, Spiritual Counseling
Ordained Ministe
Certified Recovery Peer Specialist - Provisional (CRPS-P)
Certified Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Responder

Below is a list of suggested Public Speaking Topics.

* Mindfulness
* Meditation
* Communications
* Cultural Diversity
* Addictions/Alcoholism/Substance Abuse
* Mental Health
* Domestic Violence

* Women Empowerment
* Colorectal Cancer
* Our Health, Our World & The Price of Convenience
* Hidden Abuse: Exploitation, Manipulation and Corruption of Systems
* Beyond Policies & Procedures: The Need for Reformation
* Integrative Health, Wellness & Medicine: Eastern Philosophy Meets Western Technology

Call (904) 386-3634 to schedule an appointment or public speaking event. In-person and virtual consultations available.


"Grace is a perfect example of a spiritual and compassionate meditation leader and business leader who came and led a meditation with all of our clients last year at Pearl of the Sea Retreat. Grace has a way of connecting with people and especially those suffering or in need.  She has my highest recommendation."

- Matthew Roberts
Group Facilitator - CRPS
Pearl of the Sea Retreat






* Performance Improvement
* Systemic Wellness
* Communications
* Leadership

* Guided Meditation
* Support Group

* Mindfulness
* Public Speaking

* Performance Improvement *
* Addictions * Alcohol/Drugs
* Substance Use Disorder (SUD)
Weight Loss
* Chronic Pain
* Cancer * Trauma * PTSD
* Anxiety * Stress * Worry
* Depression
* Divorce * Death * Life Transitions

* Counselor * Marriage & End of Life Officiant

* TV Commercial &
Corporate Training Spokesperson


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