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You're conscientious of your diet and you work your body hard, but how often do you think about the fitness of your mind, especially at a time when it seems like mental health issues, including stress, anxiety, worry and depression are front, center and on the rise? We can certainly recognize our state of consciousness through our actions and inactions. Thoughts are things. So too are emotions. They color your world and it shows through all that you do and don't do. And when your thoughts and emotions are in alignment with your values, you will find yourself at peace no matter the challenges.

Holistic Wellness Consultant
Advocate for Quality Healthcare, Social Services and Justice - Freedom of Choice

Health is more than just a lack of disease or illness. Rather, it is a balance of the WHOLE[listic] person's human experience--mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, occupational, financial, social and environmental--that determines one's overall wellness.

From one executive to another, I can relate to much of your daily stressors at hand. We're all so busy caring for our clients, customers, patients and congregation that it's easy to forget to give ourselves the very care we provide to others. Let me show you how mindfulness can change your life--your health--for the better.

For organizations or groups, this means improving qualitative processes. Some of the benefits may include:

Long-term cost savings
Increased financial returns
Increased conscious inter/intra communications
Increased overall effectiveness and productivity levels
Increased personal growth
Increased morale
Increased group cohesiveness

If you're like many, you exercise daily and watch what you eat to maintain your physical appearance and health. But what are you doing for your mind and why is this important to your well-being? Think of mindfulness as training for the brain...because your body is nothing without your mind.

Other Services:

Guided Meditation Facilitator
Wellness/Support Group Facilitator
Wellness, Recovery & Mindful Living Coach
Systemic Wellness Analysis
Organizational Program Developer
Public Speaking Coach (Live Presentations | TV | Video | Radio | Virtual | Podcast)
Weddings/Celebrations of Life Officiant
Relationship, Spiritual Counseling
Ordained Minister
Retreat/Event Planner

Public Speaker.
Below is a list of topic suggestions. I welcome additional topics of interest.

* Mindfulness
* Meditation
* Spirituality
* Communications
* Cultural Diversity
* The Religion of Love
* Addictions/Substance Abuse
* Colorectal Cancer
* Mental Health

* Our Health, Our World & The Price of Convenience
* Hidden Abuse: Exploitation, Manipulation and Corruption of Systems
* Beyond Policies & Procedures: The Need for Reformation
* Integrative Health, Wellness & Medicine: Eastern Philosophy and Practices Meet Western Technology and Medicine

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Grace has over 35 years of experience in the health, wellness and fitness industry as an AFAA-certified fitness instructor, professional fitness/swimwear model, contributing fitness writer and NPC fitness and bikini competitor. Her evidence-based approach to holistic health and wellness includes weaving mindfulness in both movement and stillness meditation.

Grace was diagnosed at the age of 38 with Stage 3 colon cancer in 2005 and treated with a "chemo cocktail" called FOLFOX, a mix of several drugs plus steroids. Looks can be deceiving: she's deemed permanently physically disabled due to the long-term side effects of chemo. This includes bone and joint degeneration as well as peripheral neuropathy (extensive nerve damage particularly to hands and feet).

After years of chronic pain, medical scares, complications, numerous surgeries and what seemed like never-ending doctor appointments, she decided that enough was enough. By then, her daily pill box included up to 24 prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medications--half of the pills supposedly counteracted the side effects from the other pills. With the help of her general physician, she titrated down and discontinued all but one of her medications. Today, Grace attributes her good health to the practice of mindful living, to include prayer and meditation; Taoist Tai Chi, a form of martial arts and moving meditation; non-violent communications; choosing more whole foods vs. processed; and maintaining healthy, meaningful relationships with family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances and yes, strangers--who are simply, in essence, potential friends.

In 2014, she created Be a Blue Buddy, a colon cancer awareness campaign with a mission to advocate for and support patients, survivors, and their support system (friends, family, caretakers, clergy). As a survivor wanting to give back to the community, Grace educates on the disease and shares her story to empower and inspire others, and to help save lives.

Be a Blue Buddy is not an organization, but rather a grassroots, personal call-to-action to educate the community about the disease through public speaking engagements, participating with other organizations, and connecting with the community through social media to help raise awareness of colon cancer, the importance of screening and early detection in support of survivors and their support team; to give hope to newly diagnosed patients; and to honor those who have died from this disease.

Grace has also been a professional TV Commercial and Corporate Training spokesperson, voice-over talent and print model since 1986. She attended the University of North Florida (UNF), received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications/TV Broadcasting with a minor in Psychology, volunteered at WJCT public radio, shadowed at WTLV TV-12 and interned as a TV reporter at WJXT-TV4.

Grace strives for joyful learning and living, and is willing to step outside of her comfort zone. She has experienced snow skiing, scuba diving, skydiving, paintball wars, and traveling. Grace likes to soak in the culture's history of traditions, arts, architecture and daily lifestyle--eating and sleeping as the locals do. She realized her childhood dream of visiting Greece; Oia-Santorini completely captured her heart!

She enjoys the arts (e.g. music/theatre/live entertainment, museums, paintings, photos, architecture), literature, and botanical gardens. She is a beach girl at heart. Anything related to the sun, clouds, moon, stars, rainbow and other skyscapes capture her attention. Her favorite splash of color is bright citrus orange. A few of Grace's favorite scents are flowers/plants (magnolia, rose, gardenia, peony, plumeria, honeysuckle, hawaiian ferns, citrus), aromatic wafts of food cooking in the kitchen, the ionic shift just before rainfall, and the scent of a freshly mowed lawn.

A voracious researcher and a lover of life experiences, her interests include philosophy, neuroscience, astrophysics, quantum physics, cosmology, the collective consciousness, semiosis, audiology, adult giftedness, equanimity in the realms of social justice, cultural diversity, global cohesiveness, economy, trade, politics, government, education, healthcare, media, religion, non-religion, and spirituality.

Grace is committed to community wellness endeavors. She is the President of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce Jacksonville Beaches Chapter. She serves as a member of The Salvation Army's Adult Rehabilitation Center Advisory Council and assists 150 men being treated for alcohol or substance use disorder (SUD), mental health issues and homelessness. She served as the Founding Chairperson of the First Coast Recovery Advocates, Inc. (FCRA), a Recovery Community Organization (RCO) addressing the needs of people with addictions and mental health issues. She served on the Forensic Peer Work Group for the Florida Department of Children & Families and assisted in the development of the Forensic Peer policiies and procedures. She also recommended that the incarcerated be assigned a peer six months prior to their release date to begin the process of beginning a new life by obtaining a place to live, finding a job, or returning back to school. This will allow for the individual to transition back into the community as a productive, law-abiding citizen. She is a member of the Taoist Tai Chi International Society; Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice; Florida Recovery Advocacy Project (RAP); Northeast Florida Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse (NEFCADA); and the World Affairs Council of Jacksonville. She also volunteers her time at local mental health and corrections facilities as well as various alcohol/drug/substance use addiction treatment and recovery centers.

Grace is an ordained minister of non-denomination/non-religion. Her philosophy is based on love: acceptance, kindness, hope, inclusivity and non-violence. She espouses celebrating diversity while communing in unity.

Grace grew up in Atlantic Beach, FL--the eldest of four in a family where her parents are still happily married after 50+ years. She is a proud U.S. patriot and considers herself an honorary military veteran having had both a father and former spouse who served in and retired from the Navy. She traveled around the world, including Spain, Guam, California, Hawaii, the Philippines and Japan. Grace's former spouse of 20 years served as a USN F/A-18 Strikefighter pilot (think Blue Angels jets); a P-3 pilot; a commercial pilot, and Boeing Subject Matter Expert (SME). She has two adult children: daughter Armani and son Andrew, and after having lived in South Carolina, Hawaii and Maryland, Grace is happy to be "back home" in Jacksonville, FL.



Guided Meditation Facilitator

Support Group Facilitator

Mindfulness Coach

* Stress
* Overwhelm
* Addictions
* Alcohol/Drugs/
* Substance Use Disorder (SUD)
* Weight Loss
Chronic Pain
* Cancer
* Trauma
*Empty Nest Syndrome

Recovery Peer Specialist

Ordained Minister

* Marriage Officiant * Celebration / End of Life Officiant

& Spiritual Counselor

Systemic Wellness Analysis

Public Speaker

Public Speaking Coach

TV Commercial &
Corporate Training Video Spokesperson


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