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July 2019

Since my last entry five years ago(!), I've had three major surgeries and a complete turnaround on my overall health. I'm forever grateful to all of the doctors, nurses and medical staff who have taken such good care of me over the years. Finally, a big thank you to my friends and acquaintances, whether IRL (in real life) or in virtual reality via social media for your support!

My children, daughter Armani and son Andrew, are now grown up and paving their own path on Happiness Street while I am thoroughly enjoying and embracing the independent lifestyle I've always desired. I've transitioned from the traditional roles of mother and wife to friend and single woman, respectively. Life is truly a gift of fascination and delight! May we all strive to live life with sheer gratitude and astonishment, through our senses, heart and soul of one who knows and does nothing but love.


Nov. 20 - Nov. 21, 2014

Attending the National Colorectal Cancer Round Table (NCCRT) annual meeting in MD. Thanks to EnFocus Media for designing Be a Blue Buddy's logo! Together, we were awarded first runner-up in the 2014 NCCRT Blue Star Challenge. Charitable proceeds will go to Colon Cancer Alliance's (CCA) Blue Hope Prevention Award, funding for individuals and family members for colorectal cancer screening-related issues.

Aug 4., 2014


March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month.

  • WEAR BLUE on the first Friday of every March (Fri., March 6, 2015). It's an easy and effective way for our community to unite, show support for survivors, give hope to newly diagnosed patients and honor those who have died from this disease. It's also a fantastic way to start a conversation about the importance of screening and perhaps save lives. Tell your family, friends and colleagues to join in. Send photos of you and your group dressed in blue. I'll post them on Be a Blue Buddy's Facebook page so others who are affected by colorectal cancer can see that they are not alone in this fight!