Cancer Journal

July 2006

July 16
I'm baaaacccccckkkkk! The 12-hour drive from FL to Southern Maryland kicked my butt. I'm off to bed but promise to write so much more tomorrow!


July 19
Visited the Outpatient Infusion Services Center (OPIS) to get my quarterly CBC (complete blood count) and have my port flushed Results from CBC were good. And I was told I could get my port removed any time!

I'm trying to schedule an appointment to get my port removed up at the National Naval Medical Center (NNMC) up in Bethesda (2 hours north from home). NNMC is where I was initially treated for my colon cancer, but I went to OPIS (locally - 10 min. away) for my actual chemo treatments. It is NNMC's protocal to leave the port in for a year after chemo, but I explained that my local doctor gave the OK for me to have it removed. So, the nurse will get back to me after she discusses my case with the oncologist.

I also plan to schedule an appointment for revisional surgery to my colon resection surgery site. My surgery site is one long scar with staple holes along both sides. At the beginning and ending points of the linear scar are two indentations from where the doctor had to pull out a couple of staples within days of surgery due to infection. So these two indents make it look like I have three bellybuttons in a row with my real bellybutton smack dab in the middle. The procedure should be completely covered by my insurance and will be free of charge, thank goodness.

Spirits are up. Energy level is up, though I haven't worked out at the gym since I got home from our FL vacation this past Sunday. Weighed in this morning at 137. That's a total weight loss of 16 pounds since April 7th, my last day of chemo treatments. Gained quite a few pounds due to the steroids in chemo my pre-meds. I still have 32 pounds to go to hit my goal weight of 105, but I'd almost settle for 110 at this point.

I'll post some photos from my vacation so you can see the difference with my slight weight loss and my new hair. No more wigs for this girl (smile)!

Happy Birthday in advance to my mom (July 20)!