Stage 3 (Stage IIIc) Colon Cancer Survivor, Advocate and Public Speaker

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Sept. 21, 2015:

I officially became a ten-year colon cancer survivor this past August 29th. Yay for me!

Every heart has a story to tell. The stories may be similar to others, but no two are ever the same. In that respect, I'm always thankful and humbled for every opportunity to share my story with anyone open and willing to listen.

As a decade-long survivor of Stage 3c colon cancer, I've had many years to reflect not only on the physical effects of this disease, but also on the mental and emotional changes that have led me to truly understand the meaning of living every moment as if it were my last day on earth.

I am finally realizing long-term side effects of FOLFOX chemotherapy. I've spent most of this year recovering from three surgeries in five months' time. Just in time for one more surgery scheduled for Nov. 10th.

I plan to write more soon and hope you please visit soon!